10 things to do before Lives of the First World War launches

Image © IWM (Q 6534)

With the launch of Lives of the First World War on the horizon, we’ve compiled a list of a few things you can do between now and then to make sure you’re ready to start contributing to the platform this spring:

  1. Watch the Lives of the First World War introductory film
  2. Follow @LivesOfWW1 on Twitter and like Lives of the First World War onFacebook to get the latest information
  3. Tell your family about Lives of the First World War and ask whether they have any stories they remember about family members and their involvement in the war
  4. Start scanning any items from your personal or family collection – photos, diary pages etc – and save them ready to upload to Lives of the First World War
  5. Listen to Luke Smith’s interview on Radio New Zealand
  6. Read our Frequently Asked Questions pages
  7. Find out if there are any local projects being organised that you could support on1914.org – is there a group near you planning to research the names on your town’s war memorial? Did your school or employer keep a Roll of Honour of those who signed up? Are there talks or events listed in your area?
  8. Find out what resources are available locally – do you have a local studies section in your library? Has anyone in the past done any research? This research may only be available as a booklet in the local church or library, but Lives of the First World War gives you an opportunity to add to that research and share it more widely.
  9. Listen to the IWM Centenary First World War podcasts and hear from those who experienced the First World War on a variety of topics, including trench life, life on the home front, and war in winter.
  10. Check out the Faces of the First World War Flickr gallery and see if you can find someone whose life story you could help us to uncover for Lives of the First World War.
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2 Responses to 10 things to do before Lives of the First World War launches

  1. Michael tait says:

    I am trying to contribute to the BETA testing but using both my iPhone and library PC’s find that I cannot see how to get on even though I am registered user
    Have sent emails jlancaster to no avail

    • Miranda Brennan says:

      Hi Michael,

      Have you had an email back yet? If you’ve been emailing support@livesofthefirstworldwar.org you should receive a response soon. Testing users have been added in waves, so have you had your invitation yet? If you have, and it’s more a matter of how the site is working for you, our customer services team should definitely be able to help. Let us know if you haven’t had a response yet.

      Best wishes,


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