6 fantastic features of Lives of the First World War

An image of the Lives of the First World War dashboard you see when you log in, taken from the beta version of the site.

Lives of the First World War launches to the public on the 12 May

With only a mere six days to go until the launch of Lives of the First World War, we thought we’d highlight six of the fantastic features on the platform that can help you with your research, or help you find and explore your connection to the First World War:

1. The ‘Remember’ button

Remember button

Possibly the most important feature on the site, each Life Story page has a button you can click to “remember” a person. In part that’s a symbolic gesture – your way of commemorating that person’s life – but it also acts as a bookmark which lets you easily return to view Life Stories that you’re interested in. All of your remembered Life Story pages are saved on your dashboard.

Have a look at some of the featured Life Stories on our blog that you could remember when Lives of the First World War launches next week.

2. Upload an image

Upload an image

Preserve your precious family mementoes for future generations whilst keeping them in your possession by uploading digital images of them to Lives of the First World War! You can upload images of photos, diary pages, letters and other such objects to Life Story pages they relate too, and even set photos of individuals as the profile picture for the page.

Not sure how best to create digital images of items from your collections? Read our ‘10 top tips’ post on our blog.

3. Share Your Story

Share your stories

We want to uncover facts about the lives of those who served in uniform and worked on the home front, but we also want you to share your memories of people you are connected to. The “Share Your Story” button on each life story page gives you the space to do just that.

Want to start sharing your stories now before Lives of the First World War launches? Why not post on social media about who you’ll be remembering and tag us with the hashtag #LivesOfWW1!

4. Individual URLs for each Life Story page


It might not sound like a big deal, but as each Life Story page has its own URL you can easily share specific life stories you’re interested in with your friends and family, whether that’s on Facebook, Twitter, on your blog or over email.

Follow us on Facebook so you can share interesting your interesting finds and stories you’re interested in when Lives of the First World War launches next week.

5. Communities

community pages

Community Pages allow you to group together Life Stories around a particular theme. A useful feature whether you want to group all the Life Story pages that interest you in one place, or equally if you’re a First World War project and you want to highlight how your project has contributed to Lives of the First World War.

Find out more about Community pages.

6. The Feedback button

Feedback button

Every page on Lives of the First World War has a handy little question mark button that you can click to send us feedback on the site. Having issues on a page? Got an idea for how we can improve the project? Click the question mark button and send us your feedback. You can even choose to automatically include a screengrab to illustrate your point if you wish. We want to make Lives of the First World War easy to use and an enjoyable and rewarding experience for all, so the more feedback you can give us the better.

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2 Responses to 6 fantastic features of Lives of the First World War

  1. David Tomlinson says:

    If I add something to this website will I have to pay a subscription to see what I added? Will other members of the public have to pay?

    • Miranda Brennan says:

      Hi David,

      The subscription is only to see records which are behind paywalls elsewhere on the internet, such as scans of the 1911 census. All user uploads and additions are free to view, and always will be. No one will have to pay to see anything you add, now or at any future point.

      This is very much a public memorial project. The Friend subscription at present lets you view “premium records” and create/manage a Community page. Adding evidence, sharing stories, and seeing what other people add is completely free.

      Best wishes,


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