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Happy New Year to all our Supporters, Members and Friends! Thank you for all your wonderful contributions to Lives of the First World War in 2017, and for helping us to remember the toil and sacrifice of men and women from across the British Empire and Commonwealth.

We need your help this year to build the permanent digital memorial even further, so please continue to share your stories and images with us. Amongst others, we will be marking 100 years since key moments and events of 1918, which include the following:


January – March

A Ministry of Food ration book dating from 1918, including an advertisement for the Imperial War Museum on the reverse of some of the coupons. IWM Documents.8012


April – June

Air Mechanics of the Women’s Royal Air Force (WRAF) working on the fuselage of an Avro 504 aircraft. IWM Q 27255


July – September

The Doiran Front Seen from Sal Grec de Popovo, by William T Wood. Art.IWM ART 2244


October – December

  • Armistice
  • Surrender of the German High Fleet
  • Allied troops enter Germany

The Armistice 1918: Crowds waving and smiling around the Victoria Memorial outside Buckingham Palace in London. IWM Q 47894


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