Faces of the First World War

Captain C Archer

Captain C Archer

Can you help us uncover the life story of Captain C Archer (pictured above) and millions like him, and remember them in Lives of the First World War? IWM’s Faces of the First World War is a great place to start.

A series of photos collected between 1917 and 1920, IWM has been uploading these to photo-sharing site Flickr on a weekly basis, forming a vast gallery of previously unseen portraits of those who served in the First World War.

With often little more than just a name and photo to go on, you can contribute your knowledge and expertise to uncover the rest of their story by linking records from museums, libraries and family collections, helping us to create the permanent digital memorial.

A great starting point if you’re looking to find your connection to the First World War or a place to start your research, why not browse the full set on Flickr to see if you can find a relative, someone from your home town or maybe just someone who sparks your interest, whose incredible life story you could help preserve for future generations.

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