How to Write a Comparative Essay

How to Write a Comparative Essay

A ccording to comparison and contrast essay is a form of writing that requires you to discuss elements of subjects that are similar and those that are different and analyze them. To learn how to write such an essay in tenth grade, observe the following steps.

The first step is developing your argument. Pick two subjects that are different enough to form the subject of your comparison and contrast. Ensure the subjects you pick can be discussed meaningfully by ensuring it has enough information. Also, come up with the main points to consider.

The second step is organizing your essay. You should select the way to organize your essay. It can be point by point where you compare and contrast based on a single idea such as the health benefits of red and green apples or subject by subject by organizing your points from one subject to the other. Also, you can begin by comparing the subjects then discussing their differences. Whichever method you use, stick to it to the end.

The third step is outlining your essay. Determine all the information you will include in the essay and briefly write it down in a plan of work from the introduction, the body to the conclusion.

The fourth step is writing the essay. Begin by introducing your topic and stating the intention of your writing, which is discussing the differences and similarities of various subjects, for instance, green and red apples. Next, write the body paragraphs. Begin each paragraph with a topic sentence which comprises of the subject and its characteristic, followed by several sentences with evidence and facts to support it. End each paragraph with a sentence that wraps up the whole discussion. Conclude your writing by enumerating that you were comparing and contrasting various subjects. Also, put across the main points you have discussed.

Finally, revise your work for errors, long sentences, complex ideas and correct them or visit custom writing website. Also, check your paper for authenticity.

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