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Forward scouts of the 9th Hodson's Horse, an Indian cavalry regiment. Image © IWM (Q 2061)

Forward scouts of the 9th Hodson’s Horse, an Indian cavalry regiment. Image © IWM (Q 2061)

Around 10,000 people from around the globe have already helped us to uncover over 260,000 separate mentions of named individuals in the pages of First World War Western Front unit war diaries. We’d like you to join them.

Today The National Archives have made the second batch of 4,000 digitised unit war diaries from France and Flanders available online for you to explore through Operation War Diary.

William Spencer, author and military records specialist at The National Archives said:

“This second batch of unit war diaries provides detailed accounts of the actions of the next troops to arrive on the Western Front. They show the advances in technology that made it the world’s first industrialised war with many mounted troops going into battle at first with swords on horseback and ending the war with machine guns and tanks. They also reveal the troops’ experiences and responses to new military technology as it developed throughout the war.”

We need your help

We need your helping finding and tagging more mentions of named individuals in the second batch of unit war diaries – which includes the Indian Cavalry, the South African Brigade and The Welsh Guards regiment – so that we can preserve their life stories for future generations when Lives of the First World War launches this Spring.

Find out more and start tagging on the Operation War Diary site.

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