Womens Green Yellow Checkered Sweater – Plaid

An old-world charm is closely associated with this unique sweater’s plaid style from dress head. Through the use of dark green, crisp white, and bright yellow, the color scheme easily brings to mind vibrant spring days that are often longed for during the winter and fall months. A matching pleated solid green skirt helps to further the spring-like vibe. Moreover, the solid color of the skirt helps to make the bold plaid lines of the sweater stand out in an even more striking fashion. The sweater and skirt combination are appropriate for a variety of occasions. When paired with a jacket, the wearer can use this as part of an ensemble that is right for the office. By choosing to combine a pair of solid color tights, a woman can choose to use this eye-catching outfit during their leisurely pursuits. A classic round collar makes the sweater easy to combine with a simple gold or silver chain to further emphasize the outfit’s vintage appeal. via dh

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